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IDS Is Core Technology for Oulu Innovation Alliance

17.05.2022 | News

A large group of companies in Oulu region participated a webinar in May 3, 2022 where Ilkka Niskanen of VTT presented the International Data Spaces approach. The webinar was a success having 40 local representatives in the audience. The event was part of Oulu region development on Oulu Data Space, which is a framework to connect Nokia Campus, Oulu University Campus, and VTT premises with a standardized, secure, and trusted data sharing environment. The goal is to create a smart city where e.g., facility, energy systems, and traffic information data enable experimentation and creation of new services by local companies. Oulu Innovation Alliance, a collaboration alliance for Oulu region players, gathers also spearheads of other technologies, such as 5G/6G and autonomous vehicles to the data generating ecosystem where IDS can be the backbone for the emerging data space.