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VTT presented IDS work in InDEx Final Seminar

21.09.2022 | News

The InDEx (Industrial Data Excellence) program final seminar was organized by Dimecc on May 19th, 2022 at Torni Hotel Tampere. The seminar had participants from various organizations including Konecranes, Primapower, Fastems, Danfoss, HTLaser, Raute, Sitra and University of Turku.

In InDEx, VTT explored together with Konecranes, Danfoss and Fastems solutions to securely exchange data among manufacturing machines that deploy heterogeneous interfaces and communication protocols. Additionally, sharing selected data from a private factory network to external stakeholders was in the focus of the project work. VTT supported companies in developing IDS connectors that enable selectively disclosing data from production machines to both internal and external data consumers.

VTT’s presentation inspired interesting discussions and the conducted research work will hopefully continue in future projects.

More information about the InDEx program and the IDS experiment can be found at https://www.dimecc.com/index-final-seminar-konecranes-danfoss-and-fastems-built-a-smart-factory-prototype.